Daniel Calderon

I have a love-hate relationship with computers

About me

I like to do a variety of things involving technology, design, and unique combinations of the two. I publish some of my code but recently, I've been doing a lot of web-based work that never sees the light of day so I don't actually have that much work that's publicly available.

Design-wise, I can't really publish any of it as I haven't found a good medium to present it in yet. I'm working on it though! Otherwise, I'm looking into learning about low-level embedded hardware as I like the idea of designing a full system from bottom-up.

General skills

I typically program in Go and web languages (HTML, CSS, and JS). I also enjoy graphic design, with my practice ranging from creating application UIs to creating branding. Besides that, I'm experienced with industry-standard CAD software such as PTC Creo and Autodesk Inventor. Outside of all that, I'm very comfortable with UNIX-like systems, whether it's Linux-based, OpenBSD, or related software on the system like NGINX or Git.

As stated before, I want to expand into embedded hardware and in the process, possibly get comfortable with embedded C. I'd also like to gain experience working with plastic enclosure design and PCB design, as I have a few ideas I'd like to bring to life. Other skills I'm looking into are A/V related—learning about both the relevant equipment and production / editing.

This site

I'm one of those "lightweight purists" that you probably find infesting every technology-related corner of the internet. Fortunately, I respect the heavyweight setups just as much as I respect the lightweight ones, but for my personal corner of the Internet I'll try to keep things simple. This site already has more CSS than I'd like, but I realize that visuals are also important, so this is my idea of a fair balance. Regardless, we're completely static HTML and CSS here, without any Javascript—just to satisfy my itch. This also simplifies my workflow significantly, as there's no pipeline I need to go through to "build" my site. Of course, there might be some JS-based elements but that's only for projects that need to be interactive, like my bell schedule page. Thanks for stopping by.